A love story for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a unique love story to read? Take a look at “No One Like You,” set in the 1970s. Sara is a young woman who falls in love with Sammy at first sight, and is swiftly plunged into a lifestyle of a rising young rock star. Sammy lets her know she is the only woman for him… but when he shares his secret, both of their lives are changed forever.

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What are my novels about?

People often ask me what my novels are about.  Well, they are all different, but one thing many have in common: a female who is in a difficult situation.  (One is about a male in a difficult situation.)  “Existing” is about a girl who is attempting to cope with her father’s suicide by not talking. “Nightmares of Murder” is about a young lady who does not want to go to sleep because of her horrible nightmares in which she has murdered someone.  “The Red Cloak” is about a young woman who finds her doppelgänger and trades places with her – then she can’t get back to her own life.  “No One Like You” is set in the 1970s, about a hearing young woman of Deaf parents who falls in love with a rising rock star.

And Vinnie Pinchey – well, it is all Vinnie Pinchey.

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18 published books!

Now 18 of my books have been published!  12 novels, 5 non-fiction and one poetry book. This is exciting for me, as I work on finishing one more novel, a collection of short stories and three more non-fiction books.

My novels, most recent first:

  • Vinnie Pinchey
  • Immediate Search
  • Hope Continually
  • The Hidden City
  • So How is THAT a Bully?
  • After the Great Devastation
  • The Red Cloak
  • Nightmares of Murder
  • No One Like You
  • Existing
  • All These Things
  • Kissing a Dead Man

My non-fiction books:

  • How to Get Fat Without Even Trying
  • What Really Happened in Mexico
  • Sayings of the Young Folks
  • Sayings of the Old Folks
  • My Friend is Deaf

My poetry book: Perceptions of Perfection

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Novel 13 in the bag!

Last night I finished my 13th novel, two days before the end of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Hooray!  Hooray!  Now I have some editing to do – but I can go on with life!  My other projects are off ‘hold’ now.

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NaNo 2016

Of course I am writing a novel this month!  November is National Novel Writing Month! Vinnie Pinchey. 

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Great Devastation Trilogy

These are the 3 books: After the Great Devastation, The Hidden City, Immediate Search. The first book came to me in a complete dream, even the names of the characters. For the 2nd and 3rd books, I had to use my imagination. 

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Happy Birthday, Freddie

Have you ever been obsessed with someone? I was so in love with Freddie Mercury, after seeing Queen in concert in 1977, that I wrote a book of poetry for him. I sent him a copy in 1984, and now the new edition is available in paperback. 

Remembering Freddie today, on his 70th birthday. 

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