I began writing when I was 8 years old.  I knew then I wanted to be a writer.  I wrote stories and I wrote my first book, “Carrie, Marie and Tacy,” when I was 10.  I wrote my second book. “The Way You See It,” when I was 13 and I passed it around to my girlfriends to read.  My 3rd book, “What Really Happened in Mexico,” I wrote when I was 17, my journal about my trip to Mexico.

Then I took a course in college called The Novel Experience.  I started the course on the wrong foot when the summer reading list (of 40 novels!) I was given by the teacher in May turned out to be the incorrect list – so when I went back to school in the fall, after having read most of the books on the list, I discovered that everyone else read a completely different list of books.  I was lost during the discussions, because by the time class started in September, those books were no longer available in the bookstore.

From the beginning, my teacher didn’t like me, and I was so disappointed, since I loved to please my teachers.  At the end of the course, she told me, “You will never finish a novel.”

That was that.  Unfortunately, I believed her!  I went on with my life and worked at some incredible jobs and learned and matured.  In 2003, about 25 years after I was given the bad news that I would “never finish a novel,” I heard about National Novel Writing Month, when thousands of people attempt to write a 50,000 word novel within one month.  I had a novel in me!  Although it was already November 10 and the goal is to complete the novel by November 30, I jumped in – and I did it!  I finished my first novel, “Kissing a Dead Man,” in 20 days!  I then worked to review and revise it, correcting the typos, and had it published by an online publisher in 2004.

I have finished the first draft of a novel every year since then – 12 novels so far.  My first 11 have been published, (the last 9 by Everlasting Publishing) and all are available on Amazon and on Everlasting Publishing.  I am still revising novel number 12.

I also wrote 2 books that I call “Sayings” books, I compiled and edited two of my husband’s sermon books (he’s a pastor) and I compiled and edited my dad’s eight poetry books.  These books are also available from Everlasting Publishing.


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