What are my novels about?

People often ask me what my novels are about.  Well, they are all different, but one thing many have in common: a female who is in a difficult situation.  (One is about a male in a difficult situation.)  “Existing” is about a girl who is attempting to cope with her father’s suicide by not talking. “Nightmares of Murder” is about a young lady who does not want to go to sleep because of her horrible nightmares in which she has murdered someone.  “The Red Cloak” is about a young woman who finds her doppelgänger and trades places with her – then she can’t get back to her own life.  “No One Like You” is set in the 1970s, about a hearing young woman of Deaf parents who falls in love with a rising rock star.

And Vinnie Pinchey – well, it is all Vinnie Pinchey.


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Christian wife and mother, writer, skater, tech person.
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